I’m a UX Research Scientist at Reality Labs Research Audio, where I work on questions related to how humans experience, perceive, and interact with novel audio and communication technologies. I’m interested in speech, voice, audio, hearing science, language tech, the perception-production interface, quantitative/mixed methods, R, multilingualism, social variation, how context of all kinds shapes communication, and applying scientific inference to real, hard problems.

I have a PhD from UBC Linguistics, where my research focused on phonetic variation in bilingual speech production and creating the spontaneous speech corpus needed for that work. As a part of the Speech-in-Context Lab, I focused on speech perception in areas like perceptual learning/adaptation, talker identification, and talker evaluation. Most of my publications are freely available.

If you are a linguistics, psychology, or social sciences grad student thinking about making the jump to the tech industry, you can read my blog post or get in touch with me on LinkedIn, Mastodon, or Twitter. A short note about why you’re reaching out is always nice!

Last updated November 16, 2022.