I’m a UX Research Scientist at Reality Labs Research Audio, where I work on questions related to how humans experience, perceive, and interact with novel audio and communication technologies. I’m interested in speech, voice, audio, hearing science, language tech, the perception-production interface, quantitative/mixed methods, R, multilingualism, social variation, how context of all kinds shapes communication, and applying scientific inference to real, hard problems. I’m recruiting my first Audio UX Research Scientist Intern in 2023, and hope to make it an annual thing.

I have a PhD from UBC Linguistics, where my research focused on phonetic variation in bilingual speech production and creating the spontaneous speech corpus needed for that work. As a part of the Speech-in-Context Lab, I focused on speech perception in areas like perceptual learning/adaptation, talker identification, and talker evaluation. Most of my publications are freely available.

If you are a linguistics, psychology, or social sciences grad student thinking about making the jump to the tech industry, you can read my blog post or get in touch with me. The best ways to do that are on LinkedIn or by email at hello@khiajohnson.com, as I’m an inconsistent user of Twitter and Mastodon. In any case, a short note about why you’re reaching out is always nice!

Last updated January 9, 2023.