Khia A Johnson

I'm a PhD student in linguistics at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Molly Babel. I completed my BA in linguistics at the University of Washington in 2013. My research focuses on phonetic variation in bilingual speech production and comprehension, and what this tells us about how language is processed and represented in the minds of bilinguals. I'm also interested in socially conditioned variation, especially as it relates to non-native accents. I think it's important to connect research outcomes to practical applications in areas like technology and education. I am part of the UBC Public Scholars Network.

current projects

cantonese-english bilingual speech corpus

I'm developing a conversational corpus of Cantonese-English bilingual speech with sufficient audio quality for phonetics research, as part of my dissertation research. It be made publicly available in the future. I recently gave a talk on April 26th as part of the PhDs Go Public series at the Vancouver Public Library.

probabilistic reduction in spanish-english bilingual speech

I presented an early version of this work at the 176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (abstract), and will be presenting it at ICPhS in Melbourne, Australia this August.

perceptual learning

I work on a few different perceptual learning projects in the Speech-in-Context lab—testing the paradigm online, and exploring cross-language transfer in different permutations.