Khia A. Johnson

PhD Candidate · Linguistics · University of British Columbia

I study phonetic variation in bilingual speech—broadly construed—and think about psycholinguistic questions related to processing, representation, and language contact. I use corpus-based and experimental methods to approach these questions in both perception and production. My dissertation focuses on within-talker (dis)similarities in speech sounds and voice quality across languages, and uses a new Cantonese-English bilingual speech corpus I'm developing. There is a lot more detail on my research page.

I'm a PhD candidate in the UBC Linguistics Department and a member of the Speech-in-Context Lab with Dr. Molly Babel. I'm also a part of the UBC Public Scholars Network, and care about making research accessible to a variety of stakeholders—including you!


November 16, 2020: I just joined the SPARK Society, and you should too because their mission is to empower cognitive scientists of color.

November 11, 2020: I recently published a tutorial for implementing online experiments using jsPsych and S3 buckets on AWS. Check it out on the Open Science Framework! 🌼

November 9, 2020: I'm presenting on The effect of passage length on acoustic voice variability in bilingual speech (12/9) and supporting my co-author Angelina Lloy with Bilingual talker identification with spontaneous speech in Cantonese and English: the role of language-specific knowledge (12/10) at ASA 179.

October 29, 2020: Interspeech 2020 was a lot of waking up early 🌅 (Pacific Time!) and live-tweeting. The proceedings paper and YouTube-version-of-my-talk are available.

May 15, 2020: Our paper SpiCE: A New open-access corpus of conversational bilingual speech in Cantonese and English was published in the LREC 2020 proceedings. The public release of the corpus is scheduled for January 2021.

March 27, 2020: I'll be presenting a poster on Uniformity and crosslinguistic influence in Cantonese-English bilingual stops at ISBPAC3, whenever it gets rescheduled. 🗓

March 23, 2020: New paper! Lexically-guided perceptual learning in Cantonese-English bilinguals was published in JASA Express Letters.