Simulating data: Take 1

I’m working on a project with a somewhat tricky analysis, and had hit a wall. I didn’t want to just figure the analysis out as I went, for fear of baking researcher bias into the results, but also wasn’t sure if the half-baked analysis would actually answer the question. Enter data simulation, a.k.a. something I should have done a long time ago.

Old news

These are short blurbs from the news section of my old website. Not a lot of detail, but there are plenty of links! Some of these items might get a more in depth treatment as I build out this blog.

Why write this

A blog about language data analysis and communicating science. Why write it? I think it’s important to make research on language accessible, and want to get better at it… so, practice? I’ll be thrilled if you like my writing and learn something too. I’m also thinking about writing the tutorials I wished existed when I first started learning, as a way to share the expertise I’ve gained and give back to the community.