Khia A. Johnson

PhD Student in Linguistics
University of British Columbia



I'm a PhD student in linguistics at the University of British Columbia. My primary research interests are in multilingualism, speech percpetion, production, and variation. I work with Dr. Molly Babel in the Speech-in-Context Lab.



Johnson, K. A., Mellesmoen, G., Lo, R. Y.-H., & Gick, B. (2018). Prior pronunciation knowledge bootstraps word learning. Frontiers in Communication 3, 1-9. [article]

Bliss, H., Johnson, K. A., Burton, S., Yamane, N., & Gick, B. (2017). Using Multimedia Resources to Integrate Ultrasound Visualization for Pronunciation Instruction into Postsecondary Language Classes. Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching 8(2), 173-188. [article]


Johnson, K. A., Mellesmoen, G., Lo, R. Y.-H., & Gick, B. (2017, September). Help or hinder? The complicated role of pronunciation knowledge in word learning. Oral presentation at the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) 9th Annual Conference, University of Utah.

Johnson, K. A. (2017, May). Using enhanced distributional perceptual training to mitigate L2 phonetic undershoot. Poster presentation at Northwest Phon{etics;ology} 3, University of British Columbia.

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